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Our Story


Henry and Matilda author Justin Williams Pope grew up on a farm in North Carolina where there were cows, horses, chickens, ducks, pigs, and goats and always a vegetable growing in the garden. On the other side of that, in 3rd grade he wanted to explore life off the farm and see the world outside the farm. He began writing about other locations like New York. Much later, after school and college, he authored Henry and Matilda’s Adventures in New York. 


Always at his happiest when he is on the farm (where there is always something new to learn and do), he wanted to share that joy with the world as Henry and Matilda and their friends may leave the farm on an adventure but can always return home. We hope that readers of all ages, the young and the young at heart will learn something new with each book and continue to adventure with us!!

Meet The Gang

HM farm2.png


Henry is an Australian Shepherd Dog who loves to befriend anyone who comes to visit the farm. His master is Farmer Judy and he always goes on an adventure when Farmer Judy delivers her farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Henry always strives to have peace in the barnyard among all of his farm animal friends and loves his very best friend, Matilda. He lives in a dog house right by the chicken yard on the farm. His favorite food is bacon!!! Henry loves to read books and is happy all the time!!



Matilda’s family of chickens have been living at Farmer Judy’s farm for five generations now. She is a proud hen whose beauty has won her first prize at the county fair for four years in a row now. Matilda speaks her mind about things and loves to travel with her best friend, Henry, on their adventures. Her favorite hobby is knitting, and she loves to take an afternoon nap under the apple tree. 



Annette the hen is Matilda’s younger cousin. She loves to laugh and loves to stay under the apple tree with Matilda and the other chickens. Annette loves to color in her chicken coloring book and likes to help her teachers clean up the classroom. 

uncle rooster.png
farmer judy.png

Uncle Leland

Uncle Leland is the oldest farm animal on Farmer Judy’s farm, and (as seen above) he loves his rooster rest. He is Matilda and Annette’s Great Uncle but everyone refers to him as “Uncle Leland.” He loves to share his memories of days gone by in the barnyard.

He proudly accepts his call as the rooster on the farm and considers his job, crowing and saying “cock-a-doodle-doo” every morning as one of the most important jobs on the farm because it lets everyone know it is a new day on the farm and it’s time to wake up!!!

Gordon the Horse

Gordon is a stallion that Henry and Matilda meet on their adventure to Charleston. He pulls the carriage around the town and gets to meet a lot of new friends. 

He is the most handsome when he wears yellow flowers called daffodils in his hair. His favorite food is pickles, and he likes to prance when he walks.

Farmer Judy

Farmer Judy is the farmer who loves all of her animals. She grows all of her fruits and vegetables with love so that they will be good for delivery in all places.  Farmer Judy loves to cook in her kitchen and plays the piano. Her farm is hard work, but she is happy to do it. She loves Henry and Matilda and their friends very much.  

Dan the Donkey

Dan the Donkey is a new resident to the farm and is Henry and Matilda’s newest friend. He takes them on a ride through the forest and sings Christmas carols with Henry and Matilda. When he first arrives to the farm, he is very sad, but is soon happy again because he knows he has found a wonderful home at Farmer Judy’s farm with friends like Henry and Matilda!


justin red.png


Justin Williams Pope is a Wilmington, North Carolina-based reporter, writer, and author. 

He was a freelance reporter for Wilmington Star-News (Gannett), where he covered church, school, and community events since 2010. He also serves as a writer for WILMA magazine and the Greater Wilmington Business Journal. 

Justin is a proud 2005 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he majored in Communication Studies. 

Justin’s love for learning comes from growing up in a small, community elementary school where he learned to dream and he especially loved reading. 

Growing up on a farm, Justin would adventure, and the farm animals were an important part of everyday life there.

In 2011, he published his first children’s book, Henry and Matilda’s Adventures in New York. Since 2017, Justin has been adding to the series with Henry and Matilda’s Adventures in Charleston. Washington D.C., North Carolina and Christmas on the Farm. 

Justin knows that the next adventure for Henry and Matilda– as well as all of us readers–is right around the corner!



I grew up in rural Johnston County, NC, with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and, of course, the farm. I learned how to do plenty of things, but I always knew I wanted to be an artist. 

When I realized at the very young age of four that I could make a living as one, there was a certain relief in me. I knew I could look forward to getting up and working every day. Of course, at four, to the dismay of my parents, I was limited to crayons and the wall. 

As I got older, I advanced to different mediums and surfaces. Now people want to pay me to paint on their walls! 

I have been a graphic artist for thirty-five years and a freelance artist for about forty years. I love art, and my work is a reflection of what I see and how it comes out of my hands. Sometimes, that even surprises me! 

I have challenged myself to try different styles so as not to become jaded. Because of this, I feel I have an eclectic variety of artwork that makes me happy. To me, that is as it should be. 

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed painting it. I thank God for giving me the talent. I just couldn’t do it without Him.

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